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Celebrity Art - an Interview with Tony Dow & Tai Babilonia

Celebrity Art - an Interview with Tony Dow & Tai Babilonia

After a full year of writing about Art and Culture with the Westside Gazette I decided to take a break and create new works of art.

And then I received a Press Release for the Grand Opening of the Frank Bilotta Gallery . I had written a couple of articles last year on the Silver Screen artist that Frank represents.

Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale our Gallery offers the finest in modern and contemporary art. We are the home to the world’s largest collection of Celebrity Art along with the fine works of other established and emerging artists. Franks current roster herald the ranks of the following celebrity artist.

Bilotta Gallery Celb Artist


I gave Frank the news that I was not writing for the paper at the moment so that I could create. His release was compelling and that yearning to share more art and culture still lies inside me. I shared and idea for the interview to do a live interview and that way it could be shared in an instant with the promise to blog about it later.

Today is later. Enjoy the art of Tony Dow (Wally from Leave It to Beaver) and World Renown figure skating Champion Tai Babilonia

It was a pleasure to interview the both of them and to attend the grand opening.

To learn more about the largest selection of celebrity art for purchase visit the Billota Gallery online.

Next Event is April 22, 2017

The writer in me is still very much alive and I guess I have to keep writing and interviewing :)

Hope to see you at the Bilotta Gallery on April 22, 2017 to meet Richard Herd (Seinfeld) and Eve Plumb (Brady Bunch) as they share their individual visual art talent

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