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Creating Photography Art - My Biggest Question

Creating Photography Art - My Biggest Question

The biggest question that I have received from creating photography art is what camera am I using? Picking the right camera for you takes experimentation along with budget.

I decided to go with SONY NEX line because I am not a very big size wise of a person and I watched my fellow photographers agonize with pain when doing a long photoshoot like a concert. I also tested some of the other brands and the bulkiness and the weight on my hands and wrist had me thinking more about the camera than the shot.I wanted to be sure to have something that was high powered for me to get the images that I wanted but not to break my wrist.

I shoot in RAW to get the highest quality picture available. I am ok with having multiple memory cards because of the size demand for this setting.

Below is an image from the Oh My Bermuda series that has been created as photography art.

My first love as an artist is oil painting and then photography. So I decided to marry both worlds.


KISS Photography art by Artist Yvette Michele

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