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It is a Jazz Thing

Sharing my blessings in a social way always brings about a new perspective. It was summer and a phone call came to be a participating artist to remove blight from 6-row houses in West Palm Beach. Submit a proposal based on a music theme. It needed to be the size of a door or a large window, somewhere around 6 to 7 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide.

I quickly filled out the paperwork and created a digital sketch of what would be. I knew it was an outdoor application and would be painting with exterior paint. I received word later that evening that my proposal was acceptable.

Although the paint was being supplied I stopped by Lowes to get samples of various colors of exterior paint that I knew I need to complete the design. The girl scout in me is always thinking about being prepared. :)

I called one of my Besties to help photograph what would be a fun undertaking to work with Riva Corporation and the residents of this neighborhood in West Palm Beach.

I chose to do a Jazz thing. Why? because it is music that is a part of my soul. My Dad loved Jazz and any chance he could get he wanted to listen to it live. As a young girl I remember sitting at many of a bar (back then kids could, there was usually a piece of apple or cherry pie with a cold glass of milk always available). He would tell me all about the local musicians and his love for the greats. Little did I know what I was really in for when I signed up for this task.

HotBoxArt - Public Art Initiative

HOTBOX is a preservation and art residency program in the Northwest Historic District, West Palm Beach FL; the city’s oldest African American neighborhoods.

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