It's a Jazz Thing - Part 2 - #620

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George worked on opening up the house. It sits on the corner. Once the old panel was removed it revealed the address of #620.

It ran a chill up my spine because that is Harold birthday and I was asked to create a music theme that so happens to be Jazz. OK, I hear quite well not a sign but a reality. Nance and I took a quick walk through while I was waiting on the board to be prepared for me to paint.

More than 1 artist assigned to each house. A door and on the window on the front, volunteers to guide, music, food and paint all set.

Finally, I was able to begin. 

Another artist took ill and George asked can you take a piece of the door and translate something for the window?  


Oh Boy fun fun fun, where did those flowers come from? Someone is super nice to adorn the porch. It kinda reminded me when I was a little girl and had to stay on the porch to play.

2 paintings in the allotted 5 hours I had not the time to spare so brush in hand, music and little dance while I painted away. 

on the porch

off the porch

check the door

check the window

take a little bite to eat

run to the paint station

What about the side window, does it need to be painted. George gathered 2 plus me to make #620 complete.


It was my pleasure to participate with HOTBOX art. Blessing for all of the artist who gets to use the space to create and share with the community.


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HOTBOX is an opportunity to support creative entrepreneurs. Some artist will be the business owner in the arts industry & others will be talented novice artist. HOTBOX is a preservation and art residency program in the Northwest Historic District, West Palm Beach FL; the city’s oldest African American neighborhoods.

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  • Terry on

    Amazing display of colors for all to see! Did you put a special coating layer to protect from sun?

    Can’t wait to see in person.

    Thanks for sharing

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