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Oh My Bermuda - The Instagram Story

  • By Yvette Michele Booth

Oh My Bermuda - The Instagram Story

 I wanted to find a way to share art on Instagram in a fun gallery way as a beginning to my Instagram profile @yvettemicheleart. The target was to be simply art, its title and where to find it online and in person.

Oh My Bermuda The Series

The grid post method gave the art good traction and it felt as is if the visitors knew what time the doors of the Instagram gallery would open each evening :)


My third art love is in writing. Each of my visual pieces have an accompaniment of writing with is to share with the collector. I added these writing inside each of the mosaic squares that created the larger total piece of art.

Moon Gate

I then thought how do I end the series to share my thoughts? Each series has an artist statement to the inspiration of the work. A proper header I thought would be the best way to showcase my thoughts. I sought the help of fellow artisans to embellish and separate each thought. Oh My Bermuda Artist Statement

Within the center of this header lies a video that showcases all in this series titled "Oh My Bermuda" Credits :

@yvettemicheleart Oh My Bermuda The Series

@kellylark Decorative Divider

@fleurartmariia Vector Crowns

kio Creative Art Market for Female Decorative Header

@jaydaymuz Instrumental music 

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