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Sumerians in Silhouettes - AA1 Unalome - Large Black and White abstract art 24 x48

These new modern original black and white silhouettes will be a topic of conversation. It sure has been in the studio. They were given to me from dreams of the Sumerians they are the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia.

This work is identified by AA1 = Unalome. which is a symbol of life. It represents the path to freedom. Or slightly more down-to-earth, your life's path. The sign consists of three parts: the spiral, the swirl, and the dots at the end. You read the Unalome from bottom to top

There is always something new you will see in them. They are on the art rack in the studio waiting to adorn your walls. Great for any area of the home or office.

Hand-created in the studio, all originals. 

Black and white abstract silhouette art

Mounted on wood panel

Free float

24 x 48

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