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Water Mother - Abstract Blue Large Scale painting on canvas

The Water Mother

Abstract Blue Large Scale painting

Acrylic on canvas
66"x82"x 1.5" Gallery Wrapped

“I am the Water Mother”, she said

After a whole night of celebration, I painted while the elder was singing and dancing. All that was in me came through the brush and the next day it happened again.

She said, “You are the Water Mother”, and I smiled and listened

This elder I have never met before, but she was different from the Mother who serenaded me in the night.

She looked at me and smiled back and said First Nation and I said yes, "My Grand Mother"

She said
“You grandmother is the Water Mother
Your Mother is the Water Mother
I am the Water Mother and
You are The Water Mother”

She said, “there is only one mother and she is The Water Mother”.

There was no more conversation, it was a knowing between us. Every time I see this creation, I think of that serenade and that conversation and think yes. We are all The Water Mother. All of life is made from water and life appears from the mother when the water breaks.

Honored to have The Water Mother to be a part of #artROCKS at Jewel Toned Interiors. This program from Jewel Toned embraces the artistry of local artisans.

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