About - Artist Yvette Michele


Artist Yvette Michele Yvette Michele is a professional artist specializing in a multi-art disciplines. She merges Fine Art, Public Art, Photography and Arts Journalism into a creative enterprise. Each of these artistic mediums enables her to tell a story of art, artists and her own personal journey in the art world. It is in her latter professional years that she has found a way to literally combine all of her passions professionally.  She is an established award winning visual artist for her signature technique titled “The Original Sculptured Canvas”. She has also established herself as a voice in the South Florida art community through arts journalism. In this capacity she has served her South Florida readership as a contributing writer for The Westside Gazette newspaper with the column titled “Creating Community Arts and Culture”. She continues to share art with the world community by writing about art and culture as a blogger. When she is not with paintbrush pressed against a canvas, you are sure to find her behind the lens with all things beautiful or writing about art, artists and the community.