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Round Midnight


He didn’t have to tell me when to clap! Those instruments stepped all over each other . They danced, and spoke a language that only the soul would know. This conversation was not only between them but was also with those who came to hear.

This is what I thought when they said what is my muse.
Artist Yvette Michele


The best moments for me is when I let go, get comfy on the couch, gaze at art and let the music take me away. I am most reminded somewhere Round Midnight on Detroit Public Radio with Ed Love. At the stroke of Midnight in that soultry radio voice Ed would start you on a late night journey of jazz. Couldn't image a life without music, food and art, it breathes into the soul of a home.



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This body of work represents and abstraction of classic jazz in a deco style.
New Deco = Art Deco + Jazz presented with Oil on Canvas and natural woods


This abstract #oversized #oilpainting is 2' x 6' shown free floating or can be framed to your specifications.

Color is midnight blue with ocean highlights embellished with gold wires in the tide.
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The Yvette Michele promise is that original art is not duplicated. Yes that is I only create 1. Keeping your art collection unique and collectable.


Art is the soul of a home. Does your say "Round Midnight"


Artist Yvette Michele


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To be or not to be that is the question? ....... Starting with the art this mood board was created to compliment the room with thoughts in jazz. The products that designer Gemini picked to reflect her clients love of Jazz. Can you guess what the elements are?

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