A Virtual gallery

Want to get away from it all, with a little bit of sun šŸŒž and sand? Sit back, relax, enjoy my stroll with these giants along the beaches and shoreline in Puerto Vallarta, MX. Relax your mind this šŸ“ø photography gallery was created to share my surrealist views of Banderas Bay. Enjoy šŸ¤©

A virtual gallery of fine art photography single edition Giclees from Artist Yvette Michele

About Yvette Michele

Yvette Michele is an international and established award winning visual artist specializing in multi-art disciplines. Her art pushes the boundaries of conventional forms of art, integrating technology with fine arts photography and multiple mediums of painting and sculpting. Rather than be confined to one medium, she explores a variety mediums to create original works of art of the finest quality & timeless iconic style.

This is my why?

The most beautiful thing happened to me. My father enjoyed what most would call the finer things in life. But if you asked him, he would say that he enjoyed all things quality. My earliest memories with him was him showing me something that was well made. Recognizing patterns in nature. Knowing who created something, their history, culture and how it impressed him. He loved good food, laughter and always got his Jazz on.Ā  He taught me how to see the beauty in the world, it became my DNA for my art life. My journey has led me to many places, searching for materials that represent these qualities and expressing them through my gift called art. I have learned through pain that is difficult for me to duplicate a work of art. It is a far more joyous process for me to create something new and to work in series for cohesive body of work. In this chapter in my life I have decided that all of the fine art, photography and digital art creations will be created and sold as only one in the world.

Drop us a line.

Iā€™d love to hear from you! The Yvette Michele promise is that you will always have an original. Yes that is I only create 1. Keeping your art collection unique and collectable.

Have questions, requests or need to schedule a special time to speak with Yvette?Ā  Please let us know below.

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