Technology Abstract Art

Technology Abstract Art


    I recently was introduced to the term Collective Intelligence and its formal definition as:

    Collective intelligence (CI) is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the

    collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making. ... Or more narrowly as an emergent property between people and ways of processing information

    Perspectives is artistic abstract MashUp and an intertwining of my path of self discovery through technology. This exploration is visually represented in its artistic mediums poured acrylics and technology.

    Perspectives is an integral component to a greater body of work titled “Collective Intelligence”. For many years I found myself purposely keeping my experiences in Science and Technology separated from my art expression. I felt as if my whole story could not be told and that I should only speak of one without mentioning the other. It was through a specific interaction and challenge with a collector to see both worlds as an expression of my narrative and to publicly  embrace it in my story. This is where collective intelligence was born.

    It was an immediate spark that this is who I am as a person, an artist and as a human spirit. The shared or group intelligence found the technical definition along with collaboration, competition and decision making was the appropriate life metaphor to create my own definition from an artist perspective.

    My sum total of knowledge, professional endeavors, self-discoveries, life journeys that were born out of collaboratives, competition, decision making and mentorships is this Collective Intelligence.  It is a way for me to continuously mash all of my worlds into a life body of work represented in segments of the se experiences .