Hello From Yvette

My journey has led me to many places, searching for materials that represent these qualities and expressing them through my gift called art. I have learned through pain that is difficult for me to duplicate a work of art. It is a far more joyous process for me to create something new and to work in series for a one of a kind body of work. In this chapter in my life I have decided that all of the fine art, photography and digital art creations will be created and sold as only one in the world. Yes, only one! That makes my offerings to you exclusively

Water Mother - Abstract Blue Large Scale painting on canvas - House of Yvette Michele

The most beautiful thing happened to me.

My father enjoyed what most would call the finer things in life. But if you asked him, he would say that he enjoyed all things quality. My earliest memories with him was him showing me something that was well made. Recognizing patterns in nature. Knowing who created something, their history, culture and how it impressed him. He loved good food, laughter and always got his Jazz on.  He taught me how to see the beauty in the world, it became my DNA for my art life.