In All His Glory


He said "Oh". She said, "You don't say so", and then they looked at me and said "Can You?". In that moment I was back in time when they first met and was more than happy to add this commission to their personal love story.



The best moments for me is when I meet someone and they have an absolute love that I can share through art. This lovely couple have special connection to peacocks . They have been married for over 30 years and started reminiscing about the beginning of their love story.

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In All His Glory

My camera lens became my brush and you now see what I witnessed as a personal Monet.
It all started with a photograph from my book of feathers. This peacock was originally captured for my Oil Painting series The St. Croix King.
This commissioned work is created from photography that has been turned into brush strokes mimicking oil paintings. I have a heightened sense of color so it is always my aim to shown the colors that I see beneath the most visible ones.
Never painted in but dialed up as I am creating.
They wanted the peacock to be representative of his true size so it was lengthened and then exaggerated. Additional movement was added into the plumage as a representation of the breeze that was strong in the moment of this capture.
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The Yvette Michele promise is that you will always have an original. Yes that is I only create 1. Keeping your art collection unique and collectable.