Twisting's - An Adinkra Symbol of Life with My Father


Toddler memories of my father as he taught me how to read engineering drawings on his drafting table.

Fascination with symbols, mathematics, science, ancient history, and how things work runs through my veins as pure life.

He shared his life’s journeys that took him around the world and with each experience he had a journey twisted.

Twisted with perspective, twisted with embracing culture, twisted with opportunity, twisted with wisdom, twisted with each place, and twisted with himself.

Listening and reading are a few of the keys he shared in gaining knowledge. At a time when technology was not so readily available, I gained the most valuable skills.

What I learned from my father is still a part of my process today. He had no computers, internet, or calculators for his complex calculations. He did it from memory, with the use of tables and slide rules.

Echos of what makes life quality he ensured that this identity would live through me from him and to the next generation. I have his slide rule in a special drawer in my house and stand in gratitude for him not only being my father but for being a rainmaker for so many who came after him.

The meaning of my art is garnered through the discipline and all things quality inherited from my father. I can’t seem to let go, nor do I want to.

I like my father have a culturally rich life that has taken me to many places and allowed me to experience life that is now represented in form as I create art.

There is an Adinkra NKYINKYIM it is a symbol of life that represents Twisting’s. It relates to the proverb that says 'Life's journey is twisted. '

The symbol itself twists and turns to reflect this wisdom. 

Life requires versatility and resilience, and these qualities are represented by this symbol. These symbols represent popular proverbs and maxims, record historical events, and express particular attitudes or behaviors related to depicted figures or concepts uniquely related to abstract shapes. Just like the life of my father.

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