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Sculptured Canvas "Skys Bella" - Extra Large Abstract Art - Oil Painting 40" x 72"

Oil on “Sculptured Canvas”

40” x 72 “  

She says she is a muse and a chanteuse, Body adorned old Hollywood style to perform

Notes bellowing from the bottom of her soul. Poetry, Flowetry, Jazz and Blues

The SKY is no limit for he voice to go beyond

Yes, she is a muse and a chanteuse, Strange and Alluring Queen, Marooned on an Island called Bella

Sky’s Bella is an oil paintings on sculptured canvas. This means that is both a sculpture and an oil painting.

The work is produced in a two part process. Formulated from raw canvas, molded into
shape and stroked with 5 to 6 layers of paint in movement.

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