Cross Talk - The Conversation
He didn’t have to tell me when to clap! Those instruments stepped all over each other . They danced, and spoke a language that only the soul would know. This conversation was not only between them but was also with those who came to hear.

This is what I thought when they said what is my muse.

This body of work represents and abstraction of classic jazz in a deco style.
New Deco – Art Deco & Jazz presented with Oil on Canvas and natural woods.

This work was produced with 5 to 6 layers of oil paint. Hand painted with a cloth and a sponge. Later hand etched with a hand tool to mimic the outlines of Jazz instruments.
24" x 72" Oil on Arches
100% Archival Cotton 140lb
Mounted on a floater frame 1/4" black
Hand etched jazz instruments to create a tone on tone effect.
Mid Left
Facing the painting halfway down there are piano keys banked from the edge
Stolling violins
3 violins tilted on a angle buried within the deepest purples
Flute with Guitar
In the transition space from pink to purples
Flute Detail
Transitioning from the pink to the purple 
Center Blue
Trumpet Keys
Mid from Right
Other instruments can be found in the upper left on an angle pointing right is a trumpet bell talking with the bell of a trombone that starts at the bottom right in deep pink and the bell is in the upper middle blue section. First Debut at the Lauderdale Yacht Club. Fort Lauderdale, FL
This work of art is now in a private art collection. New York City