Large Abstract Wall Art

So You Want It Big
A Guide to large abstract wall art.

A piece of art — whether it's a painting, a photograph, or another kind of decoration — is only as big as the wall it hangs on. If you're looking for art to fill the walls of your home, the choices can be overwhelming: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options from which to choose. There are also countless styles, tones, sizes, and techniques.

Abstract Wall Art is often referred to as modern art. It is a form of visual art in which an image is created by the use of abstract shapes, in its origins was typically in a limited color palette. In the 21st century anything goes and limiting the colors may make you surroundings monotone.

Large blank wall with a modern fireplace

About Abstract Art

One of the most attractive aspects of Abstract art is that it can be used in a variety of ways. It can serve as an accent in your living space, or can create a beautiful focal point in your office. However, if you're looking for something to add to your home or office that will truly stand out, there's no better option than large abstract paintings. And when it comes to choosing the right choice, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind, such as size and price.

The size of an art piece should be determined not only by your personal preferences, but also by the space where you plan to hang it. A small photo on a living room wall can attract attention and add interest to a big room, whereas a large painting could overwhelm a small room. There are plenty of ways to add drama to a small space with a large piece of art.

Big art pieces are often used in combination with many smaller art pieces to create a fun and cozy atmosphere.

Secrets to Buying Abstract Art

If you want to buy abstract art, here are some simple questions that can help you narrow down your options:

Is it a piece you will keep for a long time?

Or will it be something in which the artist made a particular statement?

Do you like the colors and the shapes of the pieces?

Do you want a one-of-a-kind piece or would you rather have more than one?

Do you want to keep the work in your home or would you rather display it at work?

There are many ways to define abstract art, but these basic questions can help guide your decision making process.

Finding the perfect decorative piece is always a challenge, but abstract wall art is a particular tough one. You want something that blends with your decor, stands out from the rest of the room, and brings colour to your walls. But you also want it to be a statement piece that's completely original — as unique as you are.

What do you get when you combine a large wall space with abstract art? An incredible piece of decor that will make your guests stop and take notice. Abstract art is a perfect way to bring a sense of wonder to any space, and add interest to your home. But before you rush out and buy an abstract painting, the question remains: does the painting really reflect your personality? Let's find out!

Abstract art is a term used to describe artwork that is created without using any specific reference of form or subject matter. The term derives from the Latin word "abstrahere", meaning "to draw away". Here is a question to ask yourself. If I had a piece of art would I want to have a conversation with my friends and family on what they see in the art.

Abstract art does just that there is no reference so everyone truly gets a unique experience from viewing it. The art will do its job with starting conversations.

Sometimes the artist does have a point of reference when creating an abstract art piece. If you are a lover of jazz, rock or pop the art piece can be inspired by that type of music. You also could be a lover of nature, flowers, water, the sun.... And you do not want a literal interpretaion of nature but what aspects for you to feel the motion or the essence.



How big is big when it comes to art? Well that depends on your frame of reference. I have seen art that is 24" x 36" referenced as big. When I have conversations with the home staging community they say a minimum art size they use is 40" x 40". Interior designers are looking for pieces that would cover the length of a couch or a kings sized headboard at 80".

Once you get past 40" and 48" in one direction you will probably need to have a custom piece made just for your wall. When determining how big be sure to allow the art to breathe. Make sure there is enough space amount the art so that it truly is the focal point for the room or that wall. Things to consider on size is the following:

1. Do you have a doorway big enough to accommodate the size art you would like? For example if you need an 8' foot x 8'foot piece of art . The standard door height in the US is 7' feet. The art would need to be created or finished in the space that it is to hang.

2. Great you have the doors to accommodate the art to be installed but it is a very long wall. We see these super long walls in Florida and California where the fireplace wall goes up to 20 and 30 feet. This may require the artist and or the installer to bring in special equipment(such as scaffolding ladders) to complete the hanging of the art. You artist should be familiar with the installation methods and advise you of how the process works.

3. Cleaning and care of the art. Just like every other surface in your home the art will attract dust. Ask your artist how the art is to be kept clean.

4. Moving large art - be sure that if you are moving to have professional craters to pack up your art. This would be a good time to also check the hardware on you art. Be sure that everything is secure.


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Yvette Michele is an international and established award winning visual artist specializing in multi-art disciplines. Her evolving work is a magnificent blend of contemporary image making that will truly transform any space.

Her art pushes the boundaries of conventional forms of art, integrating technology with fine arts photography and multiple mediums of painting and sculpting. Rather than be confined to one medium, she explores a variety mediums to create original works of art of the finest quality & timeless iconic style.

Her award winning visual signature technique is titled “The Original Sculptured Canvas”. She has showcased her art in the national exhibitions Art Basel, ArtPrize upcoming Art Expo New York. Internationally she has debuted a solo exhibition and commissioned art services.

Yvette serves the South Florida Community in public and philanthropic art endeavors. She is a Fort Lauderdale based artist who offers a variety of art services in addition to her fine art offerings.

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