Photography Portfolio


My exploration behind the lens with photography fine art, motion and technology.


Oh My Bermuda


Graced to have walked on her shores, flown in her sky as the sun danced on her waters to mirror from the heavens. She is so beautiful that all of my moments were surreal as I basked in her grace.

Book of Feathers

Walk on The Malecon

Butterfly World

Le Fleur

Using Tech to bring still images to life with ARTIVIVE

Since the beginning of the Pandemic I have exploring the use of augmented reality apps to bring an image to life that is in a physical gallery. The app also work with screens as well. The image from a screen will have some distortion from the screens light generation but from an actual picture it will come through clear. Try both the image on the right and below to see the possibilites.

My Two Worlds

This art crush of photography started at the same time as my love for painting. I was awe inspired every time I would goto a museum and see photography in the same halls with fine art.

A camera was placed in my hands you because my big Brother Wes is a photographer. He was often tasked with baby sitting me so I became his muse. It was a way for hime to practice his portrait photography and not let me out of his site.

As I grew older and he wanted to go to photography seminars he would drag me along. There we would sit in the local University lecture hall, learning about light, perspective, camera settings, etc............

A lot of what I know is from what was poured in my head because I had no choice in being there. It's funny now to look back at that time.

My journey is long and intertwined between art, photography, journalism and life as a creator.

My brother Wes and I have a great relationship and often we are talking about photography.


“I shoot in RAW to get the highest quality picture available. I am ok with having multiple memory cards because of the size demand for this setting.