Oh My Bermuda - Single Edition Fine Art Photography

Oh My Bermuda - Single Edition Fine Art Photography


    This body of work is comprised of photography from Bermuda that has been turned into brush strokes mimicking oil paintings. It is printed on archival watercolor paper and is mounted metal with rear floater frame.

    "Oh My Bermuda" is a single edition series. No more than 1 prints will be created of any one image. All images can be sized up to 40" max on the shortest side and sized down to a minimum or 12". Hand signed and numbered by the artist.

    My camera lens became my brush and you now see what I witnessed as a personal Monet of her beauty.
    Graced to have walked on her shores, flown in her sky as the sun danced on her waters to mirror from the heavens. She is so beautiful that all of my moments were surreal as I basked in her grace.

    Artist Yvette Michele


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