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Walk On The Malecon - 3 O'Clock Large Fine Art Photography Single Edition

It was about 3'Oclock when I walked up to the beauty in Banderas Bay. Perfect to capture the time statue as the sands and the hands of time pass, it is 3 O'clock somewhere twice a day.

Embark on a visual journey along the vibrant Malecon of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I invite you to explore the essence of this coastal paradise through my latest photographic series: "Walk on the Malecon." Each image, meticulously captured and immortalized on archival heavyweight paper through the refined technique of Giclee printing, offers a window into the soul of Banderas Bay.

In this collection, I strive to preserve the allure of Puerto Vallarta in a singular edition series, ensuring that each piece remains as unique as the moments captured within. With a dedication to maintaining the integrity of artistry in every frame, I infuse my photographs with a painterly touch reminiscent of oil strokes, elevating colors and subjects to a hyper-surreal realm. It is through this lens that I interpret the interplay of light and vibrancy, translating the essence of my surroundings into visual poetry.

"Walk on the Malecon" series invites you to bring a piece of Puerto Vallarta's enchantment into your own collection, where each photograph serves as a testament to the beauty and vitality of this seaside haven. Join me in celebrating the art of preservation and discovery, one frame at a time.

Location: #puertovallarta . 
Title: 3'Oclcok 20 x 28. 
Original Sculpture :


To see the sculptures along the Malecon this is a great link to get started.


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