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Le Fleur The Exotics "Crimsons East" - Large Original Oil Painting

While walking in Bermi's botanical gardens, I asked "Where did this lovely come from?" He said she is from China and I said "Ah, she is 'Crimsons East'"

From the lens to the pallet. Original oil paintings from Artist Yvette Michele. 40' x 40" x 2" gallery wrapped.

I could not wait to have my brush dance in crimsons delight against the warmth of a beautiful August morning. 

I never miss an opportunity to stop and talk to these beautiful ladies. They whisper their secrets with the breeze and show me how to stand like a lady with a strong wind.

Grace your gallery wall with a beauty from my original Botanical series titled Le Fleur The Exotics, Oil on canvas 40" x 40". Inspired by the Caribbean, Bermuda, Costa Rica, St Croix and South Africa.




The "Le Fleur The Exotic" Series is limited to 50 for all print sizes"

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D - Drop Shipping
P - Pick up at artist studio in Fort Lauderdale Florida
C - Concierge service (Delivered and installed) South Florida

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