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Walk On The Malecon - Lady Ochoa - Large Fine Art Photography Single Edition

A walk on the Malecon, Fine Art Photography series archival Giclee .

This female PGA hall of famer is a national treasure for Mexico. She's adored by a nation and revered in the world of golf.

Location: #puertovallarta . 
Title: Lopez
 20 x 28. 

Original Sculpture :Lorena Ochoa 

Single Edition Series. 

Now available Park Vallarta, PV, Mexico.
My approach to photography is the same as my brush. Oil painterly strokes have been added to the subject and color is often heightened to my sensitivity of light and vibrancy. This is my hyper surrealism. 

From my latest in fine art photography single edition series. Keeping art unique in your collection and collectable.

To see the sculptures along the Malecon this is a great link to get started.


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