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Lyric - New Deco Jazz Series Oil Paintings

“He didn’t have to tell me when to clap! Those instruments stepped all over each other . They danced, and spoke a language that only the soul would know. This conversation was not only between them but was also with
those who came to hear.”

This body of work represents an abstraction of classic jazz in a new deco style; presented as oil on sculptured canvas and natural woods. Great for a cozy corner, next to a feature wall or open spaces.

Sculptured canvas is both a sculpture and an oil painting.The work is produced in a two part process. (1) The canvas is first molded in its sculpture form by hand without
normal sculpting materials (i.e. plaster, resins or clay). (2) Color is added with approximately 5 to 6 layers of paint to create a field of depth using color to enhance to sculpture.

The Lyric series is framed on hardwoods: African Orange Padauk or South America Purple Heart. This expression in art stands in its own, with acrylic base with adjustable feet for leveling.
Art: 2”w x 3”d X 72”h
Acrylic Base: 12” x 12” x ¾” supported by 2” Nickel stand offs
Oil on Sculptured Canvas

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