Sculptured Canvas - Calypso Breeze

Oil on “Sculptured Canvas” 8” x 48 “ x 4 panels

A loud crack of the drummers stick would collide with the Congo wood. A whistle would begin to blow and our hips would sway side to side.

Waiting for call and response; the change would start and Baba would exclaim Yah!! Yah!! Without hesitation our bodies knowingly started the dance.

The rhythm touched our souls as our spirits became the Calypso Breeze

Calypso Breeze is a series of oil paintings on sculptured canvas. This means that is both a sculpture and an oil painting.

The work is produced in a two part process. Formulated from raw canvas, molded into shape and stroked with 5 to 6 layers of paint in movement

Price on Request

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